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10 Places to Host your Bridal Shower in New York City

Congrats on your engagement! There's a million things for you to do but an amazing bridal party can be a great way to celebrate with your besties and loved ones before the big day! If you're in New York City, we created this comprehensive guide for top Bridal Shower Venues.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 places for to-be brides to host their bridal shower!

1. The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park

Overlooking the serene Central Park Lake, this iconic venue provides a romantic setting that's perfect for a picturesque bridal shower brunch or afternoon tea. You can't go wrong with this indoor outdoor scenic view!

2. Ladurée SoHo

This world-famous French patisserie in SoHo is a haven for macarons and pastries. The tearoom's quaint Parisian decor makes for a dreamy and sophisticated backdrop for some beautiful shots with your best girlfriends and bridesmaids.

Secret Tip - Laduree can organize a macaron tasting just for you and your guests, and we highly recommend the Spring Seasonal Collection!

3. FotoLab Studio

New York's first self-portrait studio boasts 1,400 square feet in a 13 foot lofted high rise studio space that can fit up to 75 of your closest friends and family. Here, you can take beautiful self-portraits with all your loved ones using a clicker and top of the line professional camera and equipment. Bring food, drinks, decorations to celebrate!

Pro Tip - FotoLab Studio is also pet friendly so you can bring your furry friend to include them in on all the festivities!

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4. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

For brides who love nature, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's various event spaces provide a lush, serene setting, especially during cherry blossom season. We recommend getting a semi-circle group shot right in front of the fountain during golden hour in the fall!

Pro Tip - Time your event with the bloom schedules, especially the cherry blossoms or the rose garden, for an unforgettable ambiance.

5. Pietro Nolita

Can someone say Hi Barbie? A stylish and Instagrammable Italian eatery in Nolita, its all-pink interior is a playful choice for a fun and trendy bridal shower!

6. Lady Mendl's Tea Salon

If you are looking for a classic Victorian tea experience, look no further than Lady Mendl's Tea Salon located within a Georgian brownstone in the heart of New York City's historical Gramercy Park.

Pro Tip - When making your reservation, inquire about seating in the more intimate rooms or corners of the salon or otherwise they'll seat you in the main room.

7. The Gramercy Park Hotel

The rooftop terrace or the Rose Bar at this iconic hotel can provide an intimate and luxurious environment for a bridal shower with New York charm.

Pro Tip - Make sure the hotel gives you an exclusive pass to Gramercy park, which is closed to the general public!

8. The High Line Hotel

Located in Chelsea, this historic hotel has a blend of old-world charm and modern luxury, with a beautiful garden that’s perfect for a spring or summer bridal shower.

Pro Tip - Incorporate a walk along the High Line as part of your event. It's a great way for guests to experience NYC's elevated park.

9. Té Company

For more intimate gatherings, check out the Té Company tucked away in West Village that specializes in Taiwanese tea and homemade tea snacks. They source directly from small farmers in Taiwan.

Pro Tip - Order the delicious pineapple linzer cookies – a unique fusion of the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake and the European linzer cookie; they pair wonderfully with the oolong teas and offer guests a delightful treat that's both novel and nostalgic.

10. Maison May

Located in Brooklyn, this brownstone venue offers a cozy, home-like setting for a bridal shower brunch or dinner.

Pro Tip - This venue is known for its farm-to-table approach so you can work with their team to curate a seasonal menu that reflects the time of year.

Remember to book well in advance, as NYC venues can fill up quickly, especially during peak event seasons. If you can, visit potential spots in person to ensure they align with the bridal party’s vision and needs. Here at FotoLab, we can customize a package that works best for you to celebrate your last days single!

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