Throwing a Self-Portrait Party: A Unique Birthday Idea at FotoLab

Been there, done that, with traditional birthday parties? Ready to shatter the status quo with an event that’s as unique and exciting as you are? Come host your birthday extravaganza at FotoLab, NYC's first self-portrait studio. Our 1,400 square foot venue is primed and ready to turn your birthday bash into an unforgettable self-portrait fiesta!

Picture-Perfect Parties in Our Generous Space

Our expansive studio is ready to accommodate up to 50 of your best friends. But don’t worry, this isn't a game of sardines; our 1,400 square foot space provides ample room for everyone to mingle generously. All that’s left is for you to bring the laughter and the smiles.

Munch and Sip While You Click

What’s a party without some nibbles and fizz? At FotoLab, we understand that photography is a sport, and champions need to refuel. That's why we’re cool with you bringing light bites and drinks. Keep your energy up and the party vibes flowing!

Personalize Your Party Paradise

Your party, your rules. Want to bring the house down with an inflatable unicorn or light up the night with neon balloons? Go for it! We've seen some seriously creative decorations from our partygoers, and we’re always pumped to see how you’ll transform our space. Plus, it makes for some stellar, Insta-worthy shots.

Celebrate with Snapshots

The beauty of a self-portrait party? You get to capture the essence of the celebration, the laughter, the candid moments, and yes, even the glorious chaos of a party well-thrown. You and your friends get to be both the models and the photographers, creating memories that are authentic, intimate, and brimming with personality.

Join the Self-Portrait Revolution

Are you ready to shake up the birthday party game? To throw an event that’s more lit than your candles? Then step into FotoLab and let the magic happen. We're not just a venue; we're an experience, where you can celebrate your day, your way.

Book your birthday extravaganza at FotoLab today. Our studio is waiting, the camera's set, all that’s missing is you and your crew. It's time to seize the day and the camera and make this birthday the one everyone will be talking about for years to come.

FotoLab is New York's First Self-Portrait Studio. Capture memories with your loved ones. Book us for your birthday or company event!