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Top 10 Things to do in New York City in Winter

Experience a unique winter in New York City with activities like snowshoeing in The High Line Park, rooftop ice fishing at 230 Fifth, and creative photography at Fotolab Studio. Discover hidden igloo bars in the East Village, partake in guerrilla gardening in Bushwick, and explore TurnStyle Underground Market's culinary delights. Join us for a winter filled with unconventional adventures and hidden gems in the city.

1. Urban Snowshoeing

  • Location: The High Line Park, Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Description: Strap on snowshoes and explore the elevated gardens of The High Line in a unique winter adventure, taking in the cityscape from a snow-covered perspective.
  • Secret Tip: Join a guided snowshoe tour for insider knowledge on the park's history and seasonal transformations.

2. Rooftop Ice Fishing

  • Location: 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, Flatiron District
  • Description: Experience the unexpected thrill of ice fishing on the rooftop of 230 Fifth, complete with heated fishing huts, offering a quirky urban twist to a classic winter pastime.
  • Secret Tip: Check for rooftop venues that provide equipment and guidance for a hassle-free and enjoyable ice fishing experience.

3. Winter Rooftop Camping

  • Location: The William Vale, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Description: Camp under the winter stars on the rooftop of The William Vale, equipped with heated tents and panoramic views, providing a one-of-a-kind camping experience in the heart of the city.
  • Secret Tip: Pack layers and bring cozy sleeping bags for a comfortable and memorable night under the urban sky.

4. Capture Memories at Fotolab Studio

  • Location: Fotolab Studio, 227 W 29th St, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001
  • Description: Visit Fotolab Studio, the first self-portrait studio in New York City, and unleash your creativity through a personalized photoshoot experience. Choose from various props and backgrounds to create unique winter-themed self-portraits, capturing the essence of the season.
  • Secret Tip: FotoLab is pet friendly so make sure to bring your furry friends for some beautiful shots!

5. Underground Speakeasy Bar

  • Location: Please Don't Tell (PDT), East Village
  • Description: Discover secret underground bars like PDT transformed into cozy igloo hideaways, offering a clandestine and intimate setting for enjoying winter cocktails with friends.
  • Secret Tip: Look for exclusive password-entry speakeasies for an added sense of mystery and adventure.

Please Don't Tell - Drink NYC - The Best Happy Hours, Drinks & Bars in New  York City

6. Underground Culinary Tour

  • Location: TurnStyle Underground Market, Columbus Circle
  • Description: Embark on an unconventional culinary journey by exploring TurnStyle, an underground food market at Columbus Circle, indulging in diverse winter delicacies away from the mainstream food scene.
  • Secret Tip: Follow local food blogs or social media groups for the latest updates on underground culinary pop-ups and events.

7. Subzero Yoga in Art Galleries

  • Location: The Rubin Museum of Art, Chelsea
  • Description: Practice yoga in unconventional settings, such as The Rubin Museum of Art, combining the serenity of yoga with the inspiring backdrop of contemporary art, creating a unique and immersive winter wellness experience.
  • Secret Tip: Bring your own yoga mat and arrive early to secure a prime spot for an uninterrupted practice.

8. Snowman Building Contest in City Parks

  • Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn
  • Description: Organize or join a snowman building contest in Prospect Park, fostering community spirit and creativity while celebrating the whimsy of winter in an unconventional way.
  • Secret Tip: Invite local artists or celebrities to judge the contest for added excitement and publicity.

9. DIY Winter Film Festival

  • Location: Bryant Park, Manhattan
  • Description: Host a do-it-yourself winter film festival in Bryant Park by projecting favorite films onto building walls, creating a communal and outdoor cinematic experience against the backdrop of the city lights.
  • Secret Tip: Create themed film nights, such as classic winter movies or locally produced short films, to add a unique touch to each screening.

10. Seek Out Secret Hot Chocolate Hideaways

  • Description: Embark on a quest to discover hidden gems like Chocobar Cortés, tucked away in the cozy corners of the Bronx, offering unique and delectable hot chocolate creations to warm your winter days.
  • Secret Tip: Consult locals or online forums for recommendations on lesser-known establishments, turning your hot chocolate expedition into a delightful and unexpected adventure.

New York City's winter offers a treasure trove of unique activities, from urban snowshoeing to rooftop ice fishing and hidden culinary delights. Embrace the season's unconventional charm and discover the city's hidden gems for an unforgettable winter adventure.

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