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Top 10 Unique Things To Do in NYC that Don't Involve Drinking

Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, there lies a plethora of unique experiences waiting to be discovered, each distinct from the traditional bar scene. We're pretty confident you haven't heard of more than 2 names on this list, but let us know if you have!

One such gem is Fotolab Studio, the city's first self-portrait studio, located at 227 W 29th St, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001. As you explore beyond the expected, here are 10 captivating activities that offer an alternative to the typical NYC nightlife.

1. Discover Memorabilias at The City Reliquary

   Location: 370 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

   Description: Delve into the quirky world of NYC artifacts and memorabilia in this small but fascinating community museum.

   Secret tip: Look out for unique exhibitions, from vintage postcards to oddball collections.

2. Take a Self-Portrait Shot at Fotolab Studio

    Location: 227 W 29th St, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001

    Description: Try a better shot with friends or loved ones at FotoLab Studio. Here, you can get professional photos without a photographer in a private room across a variety of backdrops and props.

    Secret tip: Make sure to get there early to browse the photos on the walls for inspiration

3.  Adore the aesthetics of the Green-Wood Cemetery

   Location: 500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

   Description: Explore the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, known for its beautiful landscapes, architecture, and famous residents.

   Secret tip: Attend one of their themed tours, like the twilight flashlight tour for a unique experience.

4. Discover The Morbid Anatomy Museum (now Observatory)

   Location: 543 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

   Description: Engage with the unusual at this museum that combines art, science, and the macabre.

   Secret tip: Attend a themed event or lecture for an even more immersive experience.

5. Noguchi Museum

   Location: 9-01 33rd Rd, Queens, NY 11106

   Description: Immerse yourself in the contemplative atmosphere of this museum showcasing the works of artist Isamu Noguchi.

   Secret tip: Visit the museum's outdoor sculpture garden for a serene escape.

6. Explore the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

   Location: Roosevelt Island, NY

   Description: Discover the haunting beauty of the abandoned Smallpox Hospital ruins on Roosevelt Island.

   Secret tip: Visit during sunset for a unique perspective of the decaying architecture.

7. Visit The Houdini Museum of New York

   Location: Fantasma Magic, 421 7th Ave, Suite 3, New York, NY 10001

   Description: Explore the world of magic and illusion at the Houdini Museum, hidden within a magic shop.

   Secret tip: Check the schedule for live magic performances and demonstrations.

8. Enter the Little Red Lighthouse

   Location: Fort Washington Park, Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY 10032

   Description: Take a stroll to this iconic lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge for a unique riverside experience.

   Secret tip: Combine your visit with a walk along the scenic Hudson River Greenway.

9. Louis Armstrong House Museum

   Location: 34-56 107th St, Corona, NY 11368

   Description: Step into the preserved home of jazz legend Louis Armstrong for a glimpse into his life and career.

   Secret tip: Check for guided tours to enhance your understanding of Armstrong's legacy.

10. Ponder the Arts on the Socrates Sculpture Park

   Location: 32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11106

   Description: Enjoy contemporary art installations in an outdoor setting along the East River, surrounded by greenery.

   Secret tip: Check their schedule for free outdoor film screenings and art-making workshops.

What did you think of our curated list of 10 unconventional activities that don't involve drinking in New York City? From the self-photography experience at Fotolab Studio to the serene ambiance of the Noguchi Museum and the historical intrigue of the Green-Wood Cemetery, each destination offers a unique way to explore the city's diverse and lesser-known facets.

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