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Why FotoLab Studio in New York City is Your Best Choice for Company Headshots

Are you searching for "best company headshots in NYC" or "where to get professional headshots in New York City"? Well, look no further. Here at FotoLab, we provide professional photos for an affordable price that you're guaranteed to like.

Here's why FotoLab should be your next destination for fun company headshots with your team!

1. A Versatile Studio Backdrop

Forget the standard and sterile white backdrop (although we have that too). At FotoLab, you're not just limited to white. Want a splash of color that matches your company branding? We've got you covered with multiple backdrop color options. These professional backgrounds allow your company to maintain consistency, while also giving each team member the chance to let their individuality shine. Check out our site for our current colors and we can also source any color backdrop you need.

2. Spacious Setting for an Optimal Experience

With a sprawling space of 1,400 square feet, FotoLab offers more than just a photography studio—it's an experience. The atmosphere is both professional and comfortable, making it easier for your team members to relax and be themselves in front of the camera.

3. Merge Work and Play with Happy Hour

Many of our customers love combining work and play. Headshots and happy hour? Why not! It's a fantastic way to turn what could be a chore into an event everyone looks forward to. Get the team together, have a toast, and step in front of the lens. It's both productive and fun!

4. Trusted by Industry Leaders and Startups Alike

FotoLab isn't new to the game. Our portfolio boasts collaborations with industry leaders like Invisalign, as well as dynamic startups such as Yuzu Health, Alcea, Punchcard, and more. When companies of this caliber trust us with their image, you know you're in good hands.

5. DIY Approach with Instant Feedback

The unique charm of FotoLab is the power it puts back in your hands (literally with a clicker). Gone are the days of passive photo sessions where you're uncertain of the results and have to wait days to realize you could have moved your hand or hair in a certain direction. At FotoLab, you're the star and the director. Dual monitors provide instant feedback, so you can see how you look instantly after each shot! 

We look forward to welcoming you to FotoLab for your next company headshots or happy hour! You can contact us directly at or submit a request here.

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